Nguyễn Huỳnh Minh Nguyệt

University of Wollongong, Úc

It was early 2011 when Minh had just graduated from high school when she starts poring over various educational institutions to select one that could provide her with a world-class quality education in Asia. Naturally, inclined to numbers and statistics, Minh leaned towards Finance when looking for the most ideal course. Upon further inspection, she found that PSB Academy's course pathway would allow her to go from a foundation diploma to a bachelor's degree, helping her to complete the course quicker. Without looking any further, Minh planted herself into the Bachelor of Commerce in Finance with the University of Wollongong at PSB Academy. Initially, the introverted young woman was shy, but with time, she decided to take it all in her stride and keep an open mind.

Minh's life started to get interesting when she joined the Vietnamese Student Association as a committee member in 2013, during which she served as President in 2014. Contributing significantly to the student life at PSB Academy, through events such as "Rhythm of the Rainbow", a joint effort by several International Student Associations, bringing together different cultures through song, dance and food. Under her leadership, the Vietnamese Student Association went on to win the Flame of Passion Award in 2015 for the most outstanding collaboration event. VSA was involved in philanthropic efforts in Vietnam- where during the holidays, the members returned to Singapore to help a charity organization through fund-raising. An active member in and out of class, Minh was always ready when it came to challenges, as a result, she not only learned how to deal with all sorts of people but also interact with a diverse team.

Today, Minh is now a Reservation Agent at Four Seasons Resort: The Nam Hai Hoian. While she continues to learn every day, Minh's experiences at school have no doubt made quite an impact in the way she works – with a commitment to constantly improving herself in tandem with the development of the hospitality industry.

(Source: PSB Academy)


“Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) - University of Wollongong, Úc”

- Nguyễn Huỳnh Minh Nguyệt


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