SG8 Certificate in Sport & Exercise Sciences PSB Academy


    The Certificate in Sport and Exercise Sciences programme provides fundamental knowledge in the multi-disciplinary areas of sports and exercise science essential for individuals who are interested to pursue a career in the sports, health and fitness industry. Students will be equipped with both basic theoretical and practical exercise science knowledge required for progression to higher learning. Working professionals seeking to enhance their expertise may also apply for this Certificate.

     Course Objectives

    • To provide students with strong foundation on subjects related to sports and exercise sciences such as nutrition, psychology, anatomy, physiology, and strength and conditioning necessary for higher learning;
    • To apply the above knowledge toward developing skills in coaching, personal training and lifestyle/weight management;
    • To equip students with hands on and industry-related experience through quality supervision and applied projects;
    • To prepare students for the pathway to the Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences programme

     Target Audience

    Individuals who are passionate about sports and exercise, sport coaching & fitness professionals who wish to:

    • Acquire adequate knowledge pertaining to the sport, exercise and leisure industry
    • Acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in sport and exercise sciences
    • Acquire competency in Coaching, Personal Training and Lifestyle & Weight Management 

    At the end of this programme, students will be able to: 

    • Gain a strong understanding on the basic concepts of core areas of Sport and Exercise Sciences: Human Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Psychology, Nutrition and Health and Exercise Prescription
    • Acquire knowledge application competency in the above-mentioned core areas
    • Provide sound coaching, fitness training and nutritional plans for athletes and the general population
    • Develop professional client skills
    • Prepare themselves for the entry into the Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences progamme

     Progression Pathway

    Upon successful completion of this programme, students can gain entry into the following:



    Applicants are required to provide evidence of completion of:

    • Graduated from junior high school, completed grade 9 with GPA 7.0/10. Or
    • Completed grade 10 with GPA 6.5/10. Or
    • Completed grade 11 with GPA 6.0/10. Or
    • An equivalent Degree (GCE ‘O’ level)



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