AU01 Bachelor of Actuarial Studies Australian National University


    Are you a maths whiz who wants stimulating work, limitless potential and an ever growing salary? This is the esteemed degree that will make you a thought leader in a wide variety of areas. With an ANU Bachelor of Actuarial Studies you can excel in your career literally anywhere in the world.

    Risk is all around us - in investment markets, on the roads, from our health and the climate. This degree will teach you how to apply your mathematical talent in understanding, measuring and managing these risks.

    Graduates will apply mathematical, statistical, financial, economic and other skills to untangle the most complex and difficult problems facing the commercial world.


    Actuaries work in a wide variety of areas, often in positions of seniority in a business. Examples of the job titles associated with actuarial studies are listed below:

    * Investment analyst

    Trained to analyse the activities and future prospects and earnings of companies and securities for the purpose of investment.

    * Investment manager

    Specialises in the investment of a portfolio of securities on behalf of individuals and/or organisations subject to the guidelines and directions of the investor.

    * Liability manager

    Engaged by holders of liabilities, such as insurance companies, banks or superannuation funds, to advise on appropriate payment strategies and organisational structures to meet a stream of obligations.

    * Consultant

    Offer their professional services for a fee, provide a wide range of services, including; advice on financial decisions, independent valuations, design of insurance funds, and future financial planning strategies.

    * Data analyst

    Processes and investigates large of amounts of data for or on behalf of organisation, in order to solve business problems and take advantage of business opportunities.

    * Senior manager

    In addition to the roles described above, many actuaries successfully move into high-level administrative and management positions. Their broad training reflects the strong interdisciplinary nature of the actuarial profession, which mixes the need for strong theoretical skills with the need for sound practical intuition.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. utilise concepts in financial mathematics, including the time value of money, annuities, bond and loan calculations
    2. interpret the accounts and financial statements of companies and financial institutions.
    3. describe the fundamental concepts of micro and macroeconomics.
    4. apply mathematical statistics, regression modeling and other statistical techniques to actuarial problems
    5. describe and apply stochastic processes, survival models and their application in actuarial contexts
    6. model and value cashflows dependent on death, survival, illness, retirement, and other contingencies
    7. apply risk modelling techniques across a variety of financial contexts 



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