Meet the growing demand for expertise in Islamic politics and Muslim societies with a unique degree from the ANU’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies.

    The Master of Islam in the Modern World (Advanced) will take you on a journey through the various dynamics and debates surrounding and influencing contemporary Islam. The degree covers the relationship between Islam and dynamics such as politics, culture, political economy, and international relations. It exposes you to the great debates on Islam, such as its compatibility with democracy, its views towards modern economic and development ideas, and its role as an ideological and political force on the world stage. It provides the option of undertaking a specialisation in Islamic Banking. The degree also gives you expertise on Islam in various parts of the world, with courses focusing on, or using case studies from, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.

    You will also have the opportunity to learn one of the languages most relevant to the study of the Muslim world; Arabic, Indonesian, Persian or Turkish.


    A Master of Islam in the Modern World will start or advance your career in international organisations, government, non-government organisations, development agencies, media organisations, or private sector companies. It is also good grounding for further study and a research career.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

    1. explain factors shaping contemporary Islam, in particular the complex interactions of key institutional structures, historical events, religious tenets, and political and sociological dynamics;
    2. form, explain and defend analyses of the impacts of Islam on contemporary Muslim-majority nation-states around the world, including in the realms of politics, societal dynamics, culture, and international affairs;
    3. assess the role of Islam in various Muslim-majority nation-states and other nation-states with significant Muslim populations, contrasting the role of Islam both across nation-states and relative to other factors that shape these polities and societies; and
    4. conduct detailed and complex research into issues related to contemporary Islam, applying a range of advanced approaches, methodologies, and explanatory frameworks.
    5. complete a major piece of research in the field of Islam in the modern world.



    By transfer from the  Master of Islam in the Modern World with a minimum GPA of 6/7 as well as the approval of an identified supervisor for the research project/thesis.

    If the total number of units attempted exceeds 72 in the same teaching period in which the 72nd unit is attempted, exactly 72 units will be used in the calculation of the weighted average mark with units from the course with the highest mark applied first followed by further units from courses in descending order of marks.

    Cognate disciplines: International relations, modern history; politics, political economy, political science, religious studies/Islamic studies; security studies, sociology; strategic studies; other social sciences and humanities disciplines and fields where there is significant coverage of a relevant aspect of Middle Eastern, Central Asian or Islamic Studies and where similar approaches and methodologies are used; and modern languages relating to the Middle East and/or Central Asia region such as Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Turkish, Russian or French.

    • TOEFL: Paper-based score: 570 (min. 4.5 in TWE). Internet-based score: 80 (min. 20 reading and writing, 18 in speaking and listening
    • IELTS Academic:  6.5 overall (min. 6.0 in each subtest)
    • PTE Academic: 64 overall (min. 55 in each of the communicative skills)
    • Cambridge CAE: 176 overall (min.169 in each subtest)



    The Australian National University

    Acton Campus,


    Australian Capital Territory,

    2601, CANBERRA, Australia

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