By bringing together the myriad streams of environmental performance, building economics and indoor environmental quality, this program produces built environment professionals with a strategic grasp of the challenges of building design, service provision and operations. 

    With extensive experience analysing and controlling the physical phenomena affecting buildings, practitioners of Architectural Science have a profound impact on the function, aesthetics and efficiency of architectural spaces. 

    The High Performance Buildings stream integrates the various components of the built environment, namely Architectural and Building Services (design and operations), passive and active Sustainability, strategic and operational Facility Management and Property Economics (highlighting return on investment principles). You will have the opportunity to not only learn but also actively participate in research as part of your studies. 

    The field of Architectural Science is enjoying rapid and exciting technological innovations. Through interdisciplinary access to our leading academic researchers and laboratories, our program emphasises the knowledge and critical thinking skills that will enable students to adapt to and lead future changes in our built environment.

    On graduation you will have acquired an evidence-based education on the design, service provision and operation of buildings in a sustainable manner—an area with increasing economic and environmental importance.


    This unique specialisation allows you to pursue a career within a wide range of areas, including the design and creation of building services requiring an architectural engineering solution, architectural practice, business, sustainable design, commercial development, property management and more.


    A successful applicant for admission to the Master in Architectural Science will have a bachelor's degree or possess experience which is considered to demonstrate the knowledge and aptitude required to undertake the course.

    Students who complete the Graduate Diploma with a WAM of 70 or higher are able to apply to continue into the Master in Architectural Science in the same course stream.

    This program can be taken with a secondary stream in combination with another Architectural Science Program. To undertake a double degree, the core units from the secondary degree are generally taken as the electives in the primary degree. Please see the Faculty Handbook for enrolment advice for secondary stream structure, and apply through the specific double specialisation course page.

    Masters students may also opt to graduate with a lower level of certification once the required units are complete. Please note that students may commence studies in Semester 2, however some courses are only available in part-time capacity due to the units on offer.


    IELTS 7.0 – no band below 6.0


    Camperdown/ Darlington campus

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