As a Doctor of Philosophy and Graduate Certificate in Research and Innovation Management candidate, you will undertake supervised research with the aim of making a significant and original contribution to a discipline or profession.

    This program is suited to applicants who:

    • have some prior research experience
    • are interested in a pursuing a career in research
    • have a desire to make an original contribution to research in a particular field
    • have a naturally inquiring mind and a desire to know more
    • wish to gain an internationally recognised qualification
    • want to enhance their employment opportunities.

    Research areas include: arts, humanities, social sciences.


    The Graduate Certificate component of the program will provide students with a wider range of career opportunities by exposing them to industry practices in their specific field. This course is unique, giving our graduates a point of difference in a competitive job market. Students will also be exposed to innovative research viewpoints through course work, mentoring and networking arrangements, which will increase their confidence to pursue new business opportunities and working with industries. Students will have the option of taking a work placement as an elective unit subject to visa restrictions.


    Applicants must have completed at least four years (or equivalent) of tertiary education studies in a relevant discipline at a high level of achievement, and must have been approved for the award of the degree(s) for which they studied.

    A high level of achievement is defined as the equivalent of a four year Swinburne Honours degree that includes a significant research component in the fourth year, leading to an Honours degree class 1 (average grade between 80-100) or class 2A (average grade between 70-79) level.

    Four years of tertiary studies can be demonstrated by the completion of any of the combinations of qualifications below, at the required standard of achievement:

    • a bachelor degree (three or four years) and a Masters by Research or
    • a bachelor degree (three or four years) and an Honours year or
    • a bachelor degree (three or four years) and a Masters by Coursework or
    • a bachelor degree (three or four years) and a postgraduate diploma in Psychology or
    • a bachelor degree (four years) in an approved discipline.

    IELTS 6.5 – no band below 6.0



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