Design and information technology are strongly complementary fields. Together, they provide a powerful combination of highly valuable skills and knowledge.

    You might combine a specialisation in Communication Design with an Interactive media major in Information Technology adding to the strength and relevance of each. You might focus your Industrial Design on the creation of 'smart' products and sophisticated interactive tools, or the next generation of gaming devices or wearable technologies.

    This combination of creativity and cutting edge technology will challenge you to link your lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. It will help you to create innovative products and compelling imagery using the latest technologies.

    This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisation in Design, you will be awarded either:

    • the Bachelor of Communication Design,
    • the Bachelor of Industrial Design,
    • the Bachelor of Spatial Design, or
    • the Bachelor of Collaborative Design


    • the Bachelor of Information Technology (majoring in Business Information Systems, Computer Networks and Security, Interactive Media, Games Development or Software Development).

    You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Information Technology) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

    Our way of life is strongly influenced by the sophisticated products and imagery that help us to connect. Communication design industries now expect graduates to be skilled across many media and ways of thinking. In addition, designers and developers of new games, interactive media and software can take advantage of the roles and developed skills in the design disciplines. Branding, typography and illustration, as well as industrial design products, offer new approaches and fresh ideas through their translation to the digital space.


    Bachelor of Design

    • Experience designer
    • Museum and exhibition designer
    • Residential and commercial interior designer
    • Stage/ set production designer
    • Visual merchandiser
    • Advertising art director
    • Branding expert
    • Digital animator
    • Graphic designer
    • Information designer
    • Interaction designer
    • Mobile app developer
    • Motion graphics designer
    • Product packaging designer
    • Web/ UX designer
    • Automotive designer
    • Furniture designer
    • Lightning designer
    • Product and packaging designer
    • Public transport designer

    Bachelor of Information Technology

    • Business analyst
    • Cybersecurity specialist
    • Web developer
    • Cloud architect
    • Project manager
    • Animator
    • Computer forensic investigator
    • Games/ interactive media developer

    Successfully finished

    • Year 12 (THPT Chuyen)  with GPA 8.0/10

    An overall IELTS Academic score (or equivalent) of 6.5, with no band score below 6.0



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